Thursday, 9 April 2009

Song of the Moment

"How He Loves Us" by Kim Walker

How I heard about this song: I think someone sent the link to hubby or something. We listen to it while we're in the office on our computers. SUCH a great song.

Why I like this song: The emotion behind it, the TRUTH behind it!

Info on the artist and album: This song is on the album "We Cry Out" by Kim Walker. She has an amazing range.

Technology Cravings...

Well here I am again! I know its been a month since I last posted but I have my reasons. And as this is a blog primarily for me rather than my adoring fans (*silence*) then I really shouldn't be apologising about it! So there!

I have been having some recent technology cravings. Mostly for this:

Oh man, I want the Canon 450d soooooo much. SO much. We're saving up our Amazon vouchers for one but I don't know if we'll hit the target soon enough for my liking! We have about £150 of vouchers so far. Considering the 450d is over £400 for body only then...hmmmm...not entirely sure its going to happen. If only people would sign up with our Freebies Website!!! Do people really not realise how easy it is?

Second technology craving is this:

I just wish that the iPod Classic came in all the awesome colours that the Nano does. I could do with a bit of colour in my life at the moment! However, I'm willing to sacrifice the cuteness and brightness of a Nano for the amount of space (120GB, hello!!) on a Classic. Plus I'm less likely to sit on it and crush it to little pieces!

Plus, I can't WAIT til this comes out in June:

I completely realise that this makes me a very geeky person, but I really don't care! :D :D :D Ok i'm done, now to think about song of the week...or the month should I say!!

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