Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Thankfulness, Again

I'm having a bit of a downer day today with very little motivation and a high dislike for anything work related. But of course, I am still determined that my blog should not become a vent for all that is blah, so I shall yet again write a list of things I am thankful for.

♥ I am thankful for Twinny, who has been online during work hours the past week and has kept me sane...literally.

♥ I am thankful for the internet, for which I would not have met some amazing people and learnt so much. (I've just noticed I was thankful for this exact thing the last time! - I think I'm just loving the babycentre boards and the awesome blogs I get to read...)

♥ I am thankful for the roof over my head. We are so blessed to have a house, and I must be grateful even though there is stuff everywhere and DIY projects unfinished.

♥ I am thankful for the beautiful little baby currently growing in me, and thankful that technology means that I get to see Baby G wriggling away on a scan screen - totally amazing.

♥ I am thankful for my husband, who has been incredibly supportive, especially through all my complaining!! ♥ ♥

What are you thankful for?


kleinzonnetje 17 June 2009 at 23:17  

..oooh, Sunday lunch about 19 years ago....

Jules 18 June 2009 at 07:20  

Was it really that long ago?! Eeeeshk!

Rhona 18 June 2009 at 13:51  

Awww I'm thankful for my Twinny too :D

And I'm thankful for Admin rights on my PC so that I can get onto sites like this and blog about my girl-love all day long! HAHA! I'm thankful for a quiet spot in my office which means I can sit on the net all day chatting to Twinny and having her support through MY moaning and weird boy issues!

I'm mostly thankful to God, for bringing so many awesome people into my life and for not abandoning me when I was in the most darkest of places.

Jules 18 June 2009 at 16:19  

LOL @ girl-love. Twin-love! And also LOL@ weird boy issues. Too right!!

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