Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Keys Keys Keys

This may seem a bit random (but hey, that's just me...) but I always remember when I was a kid thinking why my parents had SO many keys! I really often wondered if I'd ever have that many keys. I remember being given my first key to my parents house and thinking, wow I have my own keys now! Which is pretty sad for a kid who collected keyrings... So anyhow. Today I realised that I do own a lot of keys.

There's my car key, two keys for my front door, one for the back door, two for my parents house, one for my pedestal drawer under my desk at work (dispite the fact that the lock is now broken as they broke into my pedestal while I was off sick), two keys for my drawer in the filing cabinet at work and my work fob.

On a completely different note, I really missed my nan today. She passed away when I was 9. I think it's either because I've been feeling poorly recently, and she was always a great comfort to me. Or because all the shops are selling easter eggs already, and it was at easter that she died. I miss her. She was a wonderful lady. She made the BEST mince and dumplings. And she had a tin of miniature mars bars & milky ways that she kept on top of the fridge. Aaah I hope I see her again one day...


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