Sunday, 25 January 2009

Looking Forward

A few things in the next couple of months that I am looking forward to...

♥ Season 5 of LOST starts toniiiiiiiiiight!

♥ Joining the worship team at church, even though I'm proper nervous about it.

♥ Getting the DIY done downstairs, including finishing the kitchen, decorating the hallway and the downstairs WC. New floor and everything. I'll have to take piccatures.

♥ Twinny coming to stay!!! We're going to do lots of singing and mucking around. I wanna decorate another cake but we're both trying to lose weight. Boooooooo. But it's gunna be fun!

♥ Seeing Russell Peters at the London O2 on Valentine's Day, woo!

♥ The Sims 3 (PC Game) being realeased on the 20th Feb. Hurray! It's geeky but I don't caaaare!

P.S. New song up on Twins That Sing


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